How to Get Your Boss to Give You Better Accounts

There’s an old joke about a man who beseeches God: “Please let me win the lottery”. Photo by Bacho Foto/dpc He goes through all his troubles — business failures, medical problems, the loss of his house and car. Again and again he begs for God’s help in winning the lottery. Finally, God speaks: “Joe, meet […]

Sales Tip: have you earned what you're asking for?

5 Important Media Sales Lessons From 1200 Business Owners

The great thing about sales is that there are lessons every day. Sometimes they’re new ones, and sometimes they’re painful reminders of lessons we’ve forgotten. In the past six years as a consultant and sales trainer, I’ve met with about 1200 business owners and managers all over the United States. Because I’m not “the salesman” […]

sales lessons from skeptical businesspeople

You Are a Professional. Professionals Work By Appointment.

What do you do when the prospect says, “Just drop by some time”?   A television salesperson in the Southeast told me not long ago that she had two big struggles: Getting potential customers to meet with her, and Time management As we talked, it became clear that these two issues were intertwined. I asked […]

Professional salespeople work by appointment

A Simple Sales-Boosting Hack for 2016: Be On Time

How often do you show up for meetings “a few minutes late”? Those “few minutes” are damaging your reputation and costing you money. – Photo by fotofabrika/dpc Last month in this space I listed three sales resolutions you could make to increase sales in 2016. Here’s one more: Be on time. Every time. Starting now. I […]

sales tip: the best sellers are on time every time

Do You Have Answers To These TV Sales Questions?

TV Sales Cafe Discussions, Week #1

Your television sales colleagues have questions. If you’ve got answers, head on over to the Discussion Forum at TV Sales Cafe! This Week’s TV Sales Discussions Susan is looking for advice on recruiting and hiring good salespeople. David’s struggling to come up with a good creative idea for a carpet cleaning company. Kyle and his […]

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