Are You Maximizing This Free Source of Prospect Intelligence?

There’s an easy-to-find source of marketing data about your clients… and many salespeople don’t bother to use it. It’s your client’s Facebook page. Before you roll your eyes, take a moment to ask yourself — are you looking at those Facebook pages before every meeting? In my travels as a broadcast and digital sales trainer, […]

Social media is a great source of sales intelligence

Why the Best Rehearsal Audience Might Be Your Dog

“Preparation with improvisation produces spontaneity.” — Michael Port When I begin working with a new group of television salespeople, I tell them that part of preparing a winning presentation is rehearsal. I tell them to say every word out loud in advance – it sounds different coming out of your mouth than it does in […]

Why You Should Run Hard Through The Tape

One More Sales Lesson From The Election

You never know how the final few yards of the race are going to go. Just ask Tanguy Pepiot, a University of Oregon distance runner: Direct link to the video:  As Geoffrey C. Arnold of The Oregonian described it: Pepiot was leading the steeplechase event by a wide margin and started celebrating his anticipated win with less […]

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How to Get Your Email Opened: A Brilliant Political Example

Election Day Edition

When you donate money to a Presidential candidate, you wind up on a list. You start getting email — a lot of email. It’s a marketing master class. “Enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” — Robert Collier I thought of Collier the other day when this email landed in my Inbox. The first step […]

Voted yet? Which candidate made the sale?