Why “Everyone” Sucks As A Local Business Target

If a client ever tells you “Everyone” is a target customer, tell them about John Grisham.  As 2016 came to a close, Grisham’s thriller The Whistler was the #1 hardcover fiction book in the United States. So when Grisham tells an interviewer he has a particular target in mind when he writes, marketers should take notice. Here’s his […]

Everyone is not a marketing target

5 Sales Lessons I Learned From 5 Books in 2016

Some people go hang gliding for thrills. Some climb mountains. I read sales books. Here are some lessons I picked up from sales books in 2016: A few months ago a roofer in the Southeast rescheduled a meeting three separate times before cancelling it entirely. The AE and Sales Manager I was working with were angry […]

Sales Lesson from Bruce Springsteen

Why This Stat About Internet Leads Should Worry You

You May Have Half As Many As You Thought

“People often mistake activity for outcomes, but they are not the same thing.” — Anthony Iannarino, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need Now that traditional media companies are offering a full array of digital advertising products, we (and our clients) benefit from all of the measuring tools available to us. When the message is […]

Digital salespeople may be shocked by this internet stat

How to Make Your Last Workday of 2016 Count

 Over the next two or three weeks, many of your competitors will be coming in late, leaving early, and socializing while they’re “working”. You can do better. photo by Monkey Business/dpc As Anthony Caliendo, author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt In Sales, points out, Business and generating income can’t just stop for the holidays, […]

sales tip: call clients on the last day of the year