If You Don’t Have This, It Ain’t an Appointment

It’s easy for us salespeople to kid ourselves. What Does “An Appointment” Mean? When I get to the end of a Revenue Initiative with a television station sales department, I ask each Account Executive to write up and send me their follow-up plans for each client we met with. Among the questions they are to answer: “Do […]

What You Can Learn From “The Pickle Principle” In Action

With a Small Gesture, an East Kentucky Hotel Gains a Raving Fan

“Big doors swing on little hinges.” – W. Clement Stone The $11 Decision A Small Customer Service Story I needed some shirts laundered in London, Kentucky. It was the middle of a multi-week road trip, I was in a Hampton Inn, and it was time. I knew the drill — the laundry form is always […]

Photo by Andy Dean

Chic-fil-A Dumps Its Agency: Lessons For Sellers Like You

Last month, after 22 years and millions of sandwiches, Chic-fil-A fired its agency. This came as a shock to many. The Richards Group introduced the “Eat Mor Chikin” cows in 1995. As AdAge reports, Chic-fil-A has become the top chicken chain in the United States, with $6 billion in annual sales. In spite of all that, […]

Photo by James Peragine