How Easy Are You to Find?

How many sales opportunities do you miss without knowing you missed them? Matt Sunshine of the Center for Sales Strategy recently wrote about a salesperson whose email signature cost her the chance at an RFP: It was a short turnaround situation, the client told her, and when the client looked for Debbie’s phone number in […]

Sales tip: make yourself easy to find

Why You Should Cut Your Client a Little Slack

You never know what happened right before the meeting started. What seems like rudeness might have another explanation. A few weeks ago I was presenting to a law firm. Five people from the firm had been at the first meeting, and four were to be at the follow-up meeting. Three of them arrived on time, but […]

sales tip: you don't know what your client is going through

The Value of Presenting On Your Turf: How to Use The Power of “No”

A sales presentation is like a circus. You need to control the show. We were doing a needs analysis at an auto dealership in the southeast. The meeting was at the store, in the dealership General Manager’s office; the General Manager wanted us to know that he was in charge. As the station AE, sales […]

Sales tip: be the lion tamer