How Sales and Production Interact — a Classic Radio and TV Primer

In any organization of significant size, there’s a sales department and an operations department. There are three principles that apply: * They need each other. * They don’t understand each other. * Sometimes, they flat-out hate each other.   So it is with radio and television stations. When an advertising salesperson sells a commercial schedule, […]

Should You Burn Your Media Kit?

The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet. This information can be found at a website that is full of useless facts. You know what else might be full of useless facts? Your station’s Media Kit.   We tend to grab pages from the Media Kit without thinking much about the […]

Radio advertising sales tip: burn your media kit

How to Be The Expert: Become Known For What You Know

Here’s how: learn something valuable that your colleagues and competitors don’t know.   Here’s one example: Every state has consumer protection laws designed to shield the public from deceptive advertisers. Many small business owners don’t know the laws, and can’t afford to pay a lawyer to keep them on the right side of the law. During my […]

sales tip: become a radio advertising expert

How an Excellent Promotion Idea Bombed, and What I Learned

Whose fault is it when you sell a great promotion idea and the client screws it up? My friend Rod Schwartz took issue when I said this on a recent post: “If you put together a program that drives traffic to your client’s website, and that traffic never turns into money, you have failed. Don’t […]

Radio sales tip: it's your responsibility

How to Reach “The Right People” With Your Advertising

When you work on a marketing campaign, how can you make sure you’re targeting “the right people” with your message – the people who are most likely to do business with you? Advertising salespeople have access to a variety of research tools to make some educated decisions about the kind of people who are listening to, reading, […]

Radio advertising sales tip: television reaches the right people, too.