Why “Efficient” Isn’t Always Effective

Sometimes the least efficient forms of communication have the most powerful effect.   Personal Interaction Sales Skills Lesson 1 My Toastmasters club meets every Saturday morning. Every Saturday morning there are three speeches, and a club member evaluates each one. The roles are assigned in advance. Every now and then the meeting organizer has to […]

a pen is a powerful sales tool

7 Things The Best Media Salespeople Do Differently

There’s nothing complicated about media sales. To paraphrase author Dan Jenkins (who was writing about baseball), if sales was half as complicated as some trainers try to make it, most of us couldn’t sell. Sales skills can be taught. But what separates the best and most successful salespeople from the mediocre isn’t skill level — it’s […]

sales skills are simple

Why You Can’t “Ease Into The Advertising” Anymore

Is anyone still paying attention? A while back, I met with the Marketing Director of a home improvement company in Texas. The company had been around for two decades. For most of that time, they’d had great success with an image campaign. Sales had been good, and customers mentioned how much they liked the commercials […]

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When Can You Stop Advertising?

One of the most common questions a new advertiser will ask  is, “How long do I need to advertise before everyone knows us?” To answer, advertising people like to tell the story of the day McDonald’s decided to stop advertising. For one day, the story goes, McDonald’s pulled everything — radio, TV, print, you name […]

when can you stop advertising? never