The “Best Time To Cold Call” Myth… Debunked

When is the best day to cold call? Insight Squared reports that their analysis shows that you should call between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday. Ken Krogue, on the Inside Sales Blog, says that Tuesday is actually the worst day to call. He recommends Wednesday and Thursday. Geoffrey James, writing for CBS MoneyWatch, pointed to data […]

Sales skills: best time to phone

Please Pardon The Interruption

My father, Neil Norlin Bernstein, died last Friday at the age of 83. I’ve spent this week on funeral arrangements and all the related things one does when a parent passes away. The blog will resume next week.

Neil Norlin Bernstein 1932-2015

The Crucial Deflategate Lesson You Probably Missed

Want to keep your private thoughts private? Keep them off company property. One Thursday evening about fifteen years ago, I walked over to my radio station’s printer to retrieve a proposal, and found a co-worker’s resume. Along with the resume was a cover letter addressed to another’s company’s sales manager – my colleague was applying for another job. […]

sales tip: be careful with company property