How “No” Can Make Your Customers Happy

Seth Godin recently cleared up a years-old mystery for me. Greg, The Relentless Nibbler Greg was an advertising agency client when I sold radio. Two or three times a year, he would send me an RFP, I’d respond, and we’d work out a deal. He was a tough negotiator, but he was fair — until […]

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Is A “Broken Ice Machine” Killing Your Sales?

Little things mean a lot when you’re trying to persuade.   Not long ago I met with the administrator of a nursing home and rehabilitation center on the East Coast. The center had received some very bad publicity over the previous year after failing several state inspections. During our meeting, the administrator told me that […]

Details can kill sales

Is Your Voice Mail Greeting Costing You Sales?

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when people didn’t give out their cell phone numbers. Those days are over: these days, email signatures and business cards only have cell numbers on them. I’ve encountered (and have written about in the past) account executives who don’t even check their landline voicemail anymore. If you […]

bad voice mail messages cost sales