Embed Sites on Your Website with Embedly: Tech Tool Tuesday for Salespeople

When is a link to an article more than just a link? When you can embed it into your web page. I recently discovered an online tool called Embedly that can embed an article onto a web page. From the looks of the Embedly website, it can do more than that; I’ve only been using […]

My #PDXCarpet Moment on NBC Nightly News

How a spur-of-the-moment selfie created a chance encounter that put me on national television. I travel a lot on business, training advertising salespeople at television stations across the United States. This means I spend a lot of time at Portland International Airport (PDX), standing and walking on the airport’s carpet. For reasons difficult to explain […]

The Best Persuasion Tool on the Planet… Why Aren’t You Using It?

Have you ever been stuck in an email argument that won’t end?  There’s Another Sales Tool That Works Much Better A friend of mine was recently sucked into one of these endless, frustrating digital exchanges. Here’s how she dealt with it. My friend designs knitting patterns. Yarn shops around the country buy her patterns and […]

How to Stop the “Uh Oh!” Email: Tech Tool Tuesday for Salespeople

Have you ever realized, immediately after hitting “Send”, that you have just sent an email to the wrong person? Not long ago, I wrote an email expressing significant concerns about a particular person – and, due to my own inattention, entered that person’s name as the recipient of the email. Luckily, I caught y mistake and corrected […]

How to Find the Money: A Powerful 3-Question Process to Learn the Client’s Budget

It’s tough to ask “the budget question” on a sales call, especially with a new prospect. The client doesn’t know you, doesn’t trust you yet, and may be reluctant to give you the information. Many salespeople don’t ask at all. This is a big mistake. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. In my day job, […]