Survey Results – and How You Can Help a Rookie Out

The results of my 2015 Reader Survey point to an opportunity for the veterans among my readership to help the young ones. First, a few numbers: Not surprisingly, most of my readers work in media. The biggest pieces: 40.7% in TV, 29.6% in radio. About half – 48.1% – are salespeople/account executives. Another 25.9% are […]

Sales Tip: veterans can teach the rookies

A Crucial Double-Check to Prevent Presentation Heartache

Have you ever been blindsided during a presentation? Every now and then you can lose a sure-thing sale because of something that – it seems in hindsight – you really, really should have known about. About six years ago I presented an advertising plan to a dentist in Montana. I had met with him a couple of weeks before, and […]

sales call gone bad -- man in shock

A Good Story Will Outsell All Your Facts

Facts tell, but stories sell” — Jim Doyle It’s amusing to watch the political left and right — especially those at the extremes — argue each other. Each side has its own set of facts. Each is firmly convinced that if the other side just accepted these facts the argument would be over. And each believes that […]

A good story is a great sales tool