10 Things I’ve Learned From 1,300 Sales Presentations

You’ve got a full-blown presentation scheduled — laptop, projector, PowerPoint… the works. Here’s what to remember. I do about 200 formal presentations a year. Nearly seven years into this gig, I’ve done over 1,300 of them — all on unfamiliar turf. I’m always in someone else’s conference room, using someone else’s monitor or projector. What […]

sales presentations must be rehearsed

How “No” Can Make Your Customers Happy

Seth Godin recently cleared up a years-old mystery for me. Greg, The Relentless Nibbler Greg was an advertising agency client when I sold radio. Two or three times a year, he would send me an RFP, I’d respond, and we’d work out a deal. He was a tough negotiator, but he was fair — until […]

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