The First Sale You Make to a Customer: Are You Blowing It?

The first time you contact a new prospect,  that customer has a buying decision to make. The decision doesn’t involve money… it involves time. Are We Delivering ROI On Our Customers’ Time? A Sales Attempt That Failed Not long ago I was supposed to accompany a television station salesperson to see the owner of a roofing […]

For salespeople and customers, time is money

Don’t Hide Your Bias

If you work in media sales, the advice you give should benefit your clients. But it will also benefit your employer, and you. A new study indicates that there’s a good reason to display your bias proudly. In my day job, television station sales departments present me to their clients as an outside advertising consultant. My business […]

Salespeople should display their bias proudly

10 Things I’ve Learned From 1,300 Sales Presentations

You’ve got a full-blown presentation scheduled — laptop, projector, PowerPoint… the works. Here’s what to remember. I do about 200 formal presentations a year. Nearly seven years into this gig, I’ve done over 1,300 of them — all on unfamiliar turf. I’m always in someone else’s conference room, using someone else’s monitor or projector. What […]

sales presentations must be rehearsed