How to Obliterate Your Call Reluctance

How do you get yourself to make sales calls when you just don’t want to get on the phone? Not long ago, I sent out an email asking my readers what they’re struggling with. Among the replies were two very short, but to-the-point responses. From a radio AE in the Midwest: Call reluctance. Not because I lack […]

Salespeople need to get on the phone

5 Great Articles for Media Salespeople: The Friday Five #3

“Am I dealing with prospects who are even capable of buying? Just because a prospect gives you time to talk doesn’t mean they fit your profile.” Mark Hunter offers 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Can’t Close. I don’t agree with everything Seth Godin says here, but this line stuck: “Of course, people have been blocking […]

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Want To Make More Money? Raise Your “Evangelista Number”!

We have this expression, Christy [Turlington] and I. We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day. — Supermodel Linda Evangelista, interviewed in Vogue Magazine, 1990. Evangelista may have been joking, but there is a serious principle behind what she said. If you are a salesperson and want to make more money, you’ve got […]

bigger sales means more money