Is The Marketing Director Wasting Your Time?

A few months ago, I wasted several hours in a very nice Midwestern city.   A television station salesperson had set an appointment for me with the Marketing Director of a large medical practice. The AE assured me that this was the person who made all the advertising decisions for the practice. To put it mildly, this turned out […]

Shocker: You can't sell if they can't buy

What a Mattress Guy Taught Me About Advertising In the Dead Times

This conversation happened nearly 20 years ago, but it fits 2016 just fine. It’s a radio story but it applies perfectly to television advertising… or newspaper advertising… or transit advertising… or digital advertising.   There is a large mattress chain on the West Coast called Sleep Train, founded in Sacramento by Dale Carlsen. They were a […]

What to Do When They Hate Your Idea

Recently I presented a carefully-thought-out campaign idea to some people who run an auto dealership. They didn’t like it. It was at the end of a week in which I’d already made 16 presentations, and gotten a positive reaction to my recommendations on the vast majority. But I missed on this one. Big time. The head […]

radio tv sales tip: you can recover if they hate your idea

5 Great Articles for Media Salespeople: The Friday Five #4

  “They seemed interested at the time. You were certain they were going to buy. But when you leave a message for them, all you hear is ‘crickets.’” Jeffrey Gitomer offers some look-in-the-mirror reasons why customers stop responding to you in  “I Can’t Find the Buyer Anymore!” Here’s Why… Another possible reason why prospects don’t return […]

great reading for radio and tv sales tips