Why “Find Us On Facebook” Is a Sales Killer

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re Facebook’s customer, you’re not – you’re the product,” Bruce Schneier photo by aleksandr/dpc In the rush to use social media, advertisers are cramming the Facebook logo everywhere. They  post it at the end of television commercials next to their own logo. They put in print ads and on billboards; […]

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A Beautiful Ad That Didn’t Work… and An Ugly One That Did

“They kind of forgot to sell the car.” The Dog Strikes Back_ 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Remember this commercial from the 2012 Super Bowl? Watch the ad and then answer the one-question quiz below. Volkswagen, like many advertisers that year, released the ad on the Internet a week early to get people talking. The […]

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How to Give Yourself a Quick and Easy Raise

“There are two reasons why customers don’t buy more product from you: they don’t know you have it, and, you don’t ask.” — Jim Domanski, Add-On Selling: How to Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Sales Potential From Your Calls   A few days ago I got an email from Terry Douglas, who reads my “Sales […]

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The Most Powerful Confirmation Tool You’ve Never Tried

Why don’t customers show up on time for meetings?   Over the past week, I’ve spent nearly 90 minutes waiting for clients who weren’t at their offices or stores when we arrived. One forgot about the meeting and stayed home from work. One wrote 10:00 on his calendar when we thought it was at 9:30. One told […]

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Why Rotators Are Not Your Friend

The most expensive ads you can buy are the cheap ones that don’t work. I often meet with business owners who are new to broadcast advertising. Many times their first experience with radio or TV is with some sort of rotator package. Often it’s their last experience as well, because the rotators didn’t work. Rotators are also known as “Run […]

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