Does Relentless Advertising Work?

One answer to this question comes from a study conducted a few years ago by the Stanford University School of Medicine and Packard Children’s Hospital. According to, kids 3 to 5 years old were fed two sets of identical foods — some in McDonald’s wrappers and some wrapped in plain paper. They overwhelmingly preferred […]

child and fast food -- result of relentless advertising

When Should You Change Your Ad Campaign? Here’s How to Tell

The medical practice director was bored with her ad campaign, and wanted to start something new. She told me she had stumbled onto an ad for a particular procedure that worked better than anything else she had ever tried. Her television station salesperson measured click-throughs from the station website to the clinic’s site. The practice director measured response response […]

radio advertising sales training tip: leave it alone if it works

How to Make Money on Google’s New Mobile Policy: Opportunity for Media Salespeople

It’s not news that more and more searches are being done on mobile devices. Nor is it news that many of our clients have not gotten around to making their websites mobile-friendly. The time to do something about that is now — and that creates opportunity for those of in television, radio, or digital sales.  In […]

radio sales tip: sell mobile media

How Customer-Focused Are You… Really?

Everyone says they’re customer-focused. The stark reality is that most of us aren’t. Sales coach Gavin Ingham recently expressed a frustration common to those of us in the sales training business — our clients want advice on how to close sales, but don’t seem interested in earning the right to make the sale in the first place: […]

radio sales tip: be customer-focused

A Free Tool To Make it Easier For People to Tweet Your Content

This is particularly good for bloggers, but can work for other online platforms as well. And you can’t beat the price — it’s free! Tech Tool Tuesday for Salespeople ClickToTweet is a website that makes it easy for readers to tweet sentences from your blog or web post. It does so by generating a link […]

radio sales tip: get people to tweet your wisdom