How to Recover From a Massive Screwup

Lessons for Salespeople from the United Airlines Debacle

Something bad is going to happen. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But if you sell advertising for a significant length of time, somebody will screw up and you’ll have to clean up the mess. The dust has finally settled on the United Airlines “doctor dragged off the plane” affair of April 2017. […]

salespeople have to mop up the mess

How to Handle a Client Who Won’t Listen

I wish advertisers always accepted my advice and did what I told them. Alas. There are some furniture store owners and auto dealers who think they know more about advertising than I do. Sometimes they’re right. But not often. I once considered telling a funeral director that I’d let him embalm the bodies as long as he […]

sales tip: sometimes the client won't listen

Sales Book Review: The Perfect Close by James Muir

The very first piece of advice James Muir gives is one you shouldn’t follow. In the introduction to The Perfect Close: The Secret To Closing Sales – The Best Selling Practices & Techniques For Closing The Deal, James Muir invites the reader to skip to Chapter 12. That’s where he reveals the two-question technique that […]

An excellent sales book -- The Perfect Close

How to Pack Your Briefcase for a First Sales Call

5 Things You Must Bring... and One to Leave at Your Office

It’s finally time to leave the office and head for that first meeting with a direct prospect. You’ve done your research and confirmed the appointment. What should you bring to the call? There are five things you absolutely must have at the first meeting. And one thing you probably have with you that belongs back at the office.  […]

Choose sales materials for your briefcase carefully

What’s Your SALES Call-to-Action?

Have you told the client what they’re supposed to do next? At the conclusion of a needs analysis meeting, I often ask the client to email me something. Usually it’s an example of advertising they’re doing elsewhere. Sometimes it’s a copy of a brochure or flyer. I do this for two reasons: The obvious reason: […]

Sales tip -- always have the client take an action