How to Pack Your Briefcase for a First Sales Call

5 Things You Must Bring... and One to Leave at Your Office

It’s finally time to leave the office and head for that first meeting with a direct prospect. You’ve done your research and confirmed the appointment. What should you bring to the call? There are five things you absolutely must have at the first meeting. And one thing you probably have with you that belongs back at the office.  […]

Choose sales materials for your briefcase carefully

What’s Your SALES Call-to-Action?

Have you told the client what they’re supposed to do next? At the conclusion of a needs analysis meeting, I often ask the client to email me something. Usually it’s an example of advertising they’re doing elsewhere. Sometimes it’s a copy of a brochure or flyer. I do this for two reasons: The obvious reason: […]

Sales tip -- always have the client take an action

Geoffrey James Has Some Really Bad Sales Advice For You

How do you handle a rude customer? Some of the worst advice I’ve ever seen on this topic showed up in an unexpected place recently. I’m a regular reader of Geoffrey James’ “Sales Source” column in Inc. Magazine. I agree with his advice sometimes, and disagree at other times. When I disagree, it is usually […]

Sales Advice: do not be rude to a rude customer

Why The Phone is Still King — In Politics and Prospecting

Your best sales tool is sitting on your desk. Use it.

My position that the phone beats the keyboard is a matter of public record. Here’s some supporting evidence from the world of politics.   Spend any time on social media, and you’ll soon see how much consternation the recent Presidential election has caused in some circles. My Facebook feed is filled daily (hello, Bill!) with anti-Trump links […]

The best sales tool is still the phone

5 Sales Lessons I Learned From 5 Books in 2016

Some people go hang gliding for thrills. Some climb mountains. I read sales books. Here are some lessons I picked up from sales books in 2016: A few months ago a roofer in the Southeast rescheduled a meeting three separate times before cancelling it entirely. The AE and Sales Manager I was working with were angry […]

Sales Lesson from Bruce Springsteen