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Salesman, Sales Trainer, Consultant, Columnist

I’ve been selling my entire career.

Sales Trainer Phil Bernstein


My first upsell was in a record store, where a manager showed me how to pitch a record cleaner to customers who walked up to the register with some albums. I’ve sold club memberships and season tickets, fence signs and stadium skyboxes.

I’ve read the sales books — and still do. From classics by Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar to contemporary works by Art Sobczak, Chris Lytle, Kevin Davis and Sam Richter. I’ve attended the seminars, and I still go.

I learn it, and I teach it.

I’ve written a free, short e-book on sales preparation, called Fifteen Minutes to READY. The e-book details eight easy steps a salesperson can take in fifteen minutes or less… steps that will prepare you to walk into the meeting prepared to impress the client and blow the competition out of the water.

In the short time it’s been out, Fifteen Minutes to READY has been downloaded hundreds of times by salespeople and sales managers all over the United States and Canada — and one guy in the United Arab Emerates. You can get your copy for free just by signing up for my blog — click on the button below and get yours now.

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These days I teach sales, advertising and marketing. Digital, mobile, and television are my primary concentration, but in the past I sold print and radio, too. For over two decades I’ve helped businesses all over the country use the most powerful advertising techniques to tell their stories, find more customers, and make more sales.

I didn’t major in advertising. I never took a marketing course in college.

Instead, I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money, and tens of thousands of hours, studying the smartest and most successful copywriters, marketing gurus, and salespeople. Claude Hopkins, Dan O’Day, John Carlton, Perry Marshall, Dan Kennedy, Jim Doyle… I’ve bought their books, downloaded their online courses, and attended their seminars.

I’ve put their methods to work on behalf of hundreds of local businesses, using all sorts of media — television, radio, online, mobile, social media and all forms digital. From car dealers and real estate agents to window retailers, from medical practices to a school for troubled adolescents, I’ve designed campaigns to bring them new customers.

I spent fifteen years as an Account Executive for Clear Channel Radio (now IHeart Media), representing seven radio stations and their digital properties, working with local business owners. I was so good at this (just ask me!) that Clear Channel allowed me to put “Portland’s Finest Media Rep” on my business card.

portland's finest media rep clear channel business card


Salesperson and Sales Trainer

These days, I sell — and teach selling — in collaboration with television advertising sales departments all over the United States as a consultant with Jim Doyle & Associates

Digital, TV and Radio And TV Consultant

I train Account Executives in sales techniques — from cold call to needs analysis to presentation, close, and follow-up. I do it with them, working with their clients and using their digital and broadcast tools to help business owners generate better results from their advertising.



I spend a lot of time in my “day job” giving street-level marketing advice to businesses of all kinds. And I write about it a lot. So it was only natural to add “Columnist” to my bag of tricks. I am now The Sales Doctor in a monthly column for Paint Dealer/Paint Contractor Magazine. Phil Bernstein, Sales Doctor



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  1. Just remember, Humblelina…if it weren’t for me, you’d still be ending each piece of “Portland’s Finest Radio Copy” with “…for all your (insert client’s product or service here) needs.” Thank God you’ve gotten better.

  2. Thanks for linking to my “Ditch the Dusty Widget” blog, Phil. Reading yours and enjoying it, especially the expert psychology insights on consumers. Much to my embarassment, I can vouch for the truth in the women and cosmetics observation. Drop me a line. Cheers!