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Remember the movie City Slickers? Billy Crystal plays an advertising salesman who goes to his son’s school for Career Day. He has to follow a construction who has a rather colorful story about the time he lifted a 2000-pound crane off of a woman’s legs. 

Crystal’s kid, realizing that his dad can’t match a story like that, tells the class his dad’s a submarine commander.

Warning: there’s some NSFW language.

Some of us dreamed of being a submarine commander, or a firefighter, or a center fielder. We didn’t dream of a career in advertising sales. Yet here we are.  Turns out that this career can be a lot of fun, and you can make a pretty good living.

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Credit where credit is due: this was inspired by my friend Rebecca Hunt, who posted the same question on Radio Sales Cafe in 2009. Nearly seven years later it’s become an epic, with 79 responses to date from advertising sales professionals on how they got their jobs.



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