5 Great Articles for Media Salespeople: The Friday Five #2

5 Great Articles for Salespeople

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  • Sales Development Services conducted a survey in which they asked small business owners to describe The Best Salesperson I Ever Had. Warning: this is a press release that takes you to a landing page where you have to sign up to get a white paper. But the white paper is good stuff — if you are a sales manager it will give you strong material for a sales meeting.
  • If you’ve ever walked away from a “network meeting” wondering if you’ve accomplished anything, Peter Shankman has some advice for you in Six Ways You’re Networking Wrong. Tip #6, on asking an “off-topic” question, is especially intriguing.
  • If you’re in sales, you’re a writer. Every time you send your client an email or a text… every time you deliver a proposal, your clients are judging you in part on how well you write. So it’s worth exploring Kaleigh Moore’s article in Entrepreneur Magazine:   4 Apps That Can Make You a Better Writer.
  • It’s tough to get all the decision-makers in one room. “I need to talk to my business partner [or accountant, or spouse, CEO] before I can commit” is sometimes a legitimate issue, and sometimes a brush-off. Mike Brooks gives you some tools to find out what’s going on in Six New Ways to Handle: “I need to talk to my boss/partner/corporate” etc
  • A TV station management team recently told me that too often production people — and their salespeople — put more time and effort into making an ad “pretty” than they did in getting the message right. An hour after that conversation, I stumbled on this piece from The Ad Contrarian, Bob Hoffman. Hoffman asks the question, “Did you ever wonder what would happen if you took a creative team that had no idea and gave them all the money in the world?” Then he answers it with a big-budget commercial you’ve probably seen. Enjoy

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