Breakthrough Prospecting On Sale for $9.95 Through Monday

What should you get for the advertising salesperson in your life? My recommendation: get them a digital copy of  Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve. It’s regularly $14.95, and on sale for just $9.95 between now and Midnight on Cyber Monday. In Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make […]

A sales book makes a great gift

The Real Secret to Beating Call Reluctance

How do you motivate yourself to make sales calls when you just don’t feel like getting on the phone? When someone signs up for my mailing list, I send them an email asking what they’re struggling with. These two responses echo many: From a radio AE in the Midwest: Call reluctance. Not because I lack the tools […]

Salespeople need to get on the phone

Read Chapters 1 & 2 of Breakthrough Prospecting Free

My New Sales Book Is Out!

Do you need to bring your new direct sales numbers up? Breakthrough Prospecting is for you. Any media salesperson — radio, television, digital, print, outdoor — at any level will find real value. The book is chock full of actionable tips that will generate new direct money fast.  AE’s who’ve been in the business for three years or […]

Radio TV Advertising Sales Book Beyond Prospecting

And the Winner Is…

For those who missed the announcement, I’ve got a sales book coming out in a few weeks. The folks on my email list had a chance to vote for three possible covers. And the winner is… I got lots of votes by email, and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. All three finalists had their fans. […]

Radio TV Advertising Sales Book Beyond Prospecting

Driving and Your Phone: Is Hands-Free Risk-Free?

Salespeople and sales managers spend a lot of time on the phone. And we spend a lot of time driving. The invention of the cell phone meant we could talk on the phone while we drove – in fact, the first cellular phones were promoted as “car phones.” As crash data came in to highway […]

Salespeople are distracted drivers