5 Great Articles for Media Salespeople: The Friday Five #3

Photo by Africa Studio/dpc

Photo by Africa Studio/dpc

  1. “Am I dealing with prospects who are even capable of buying? Just because a prospect gives you time to talk doesn’t mean they fit your profile.” Mark Hunter offers 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Can’t Close.
  2. I don’t agree with everything Seth Godin says here, but this line stuck: “Of course, people have been blocking ads forever. By ignoring them.” Seth discusses Ad Blocking.
  3. With this startling opening:  “If your sales lead is one hour old, you’re about to make a cold call,” Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, gives us a crash course on How the Internet Has Changed Us, and what it means for those of us who work in marketing, advertising, and sales.
  4. Not really a “sales” article, except for this: if you are on the road a lot, you find yourself in public restrooms on an almost daily basis. If you’ve ever wondered Which Gets Hands Cleaner: Paper Towels or Air Dryers? Melissa Dahl has an answer for you.
  5. This has some good advice, but it also stands out for the subheads: For example: “3. On a.m. workouts (Or, “You’re probably already sleeping in your yoga pants anyway.”)” and “4. You can’t dress for the job you want if you’re already late for the one you have.” Kathryn Dill helps you Hack Your Morning: 7 Ways To Get The Day Off To A Great Start.

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