Is The Long Tail Actually Toilet Paper?

Over in Oregon Live, Laura Gunderson tips us off to something I’d never considered as a holiday gift.

Back in the old days, the inventors of this fine product would have set up a little store in Madrid and sold this stuff to their friends and neighbors. And that would have been the end of it.


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2 thoughts on “Is The Long Tail Actually Toilet Paper?

  1. Ewwww!

    This seems like wretched excess. Wouldn’t you rather feed the poor than have colored tp?

    I wonder how much they actually sell…

  2. Not sure those are mutually exclusive — it’s possible that one could choose to help feed the poor AND buy colored toilet paper.

    Setting aside the moral implications, the internet has certainly opened up a much larger market for these folks, or at least made it easier to tell the world about their product.