How to Find Me on Google

A while back, I did a post on great headlines, which I titled after my favorite example: “Headless Body in Topless Bar”. WordPress, the company that manages this blog, lists the search engine terms that people have used to get to it — and yesterday, someone found me by typing the term “Topless Bars, Portland OR” into Google.

I just checked this myself, and I’m #7 the page — the other six are actual strip clubs. And if you Google “Headless Body Portland OR”, I show up at #2.

Not sure quite what to make of this, but my mother would be proud.


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One thought on “How to Find Me on Google

  1. I’ve had similar experiences. One time, I wrote about “big boobs” and how prevalent they are at trade shows. Another time, I made a joke in my headline that “this might be porn.”

    Not surprisingly, my traffic spiked for short time. I can’t imagine the disappointment of those who actually found my posts on trade shows and a video of a kid playing Wii when they were actually looking for big boobs and porn.