Your Clients’ Competitors Are Your Leads

Are you avoiding a great source of new business?   If you’re not talking to your clients’ competitors, you’re wasting a big opportunity.   It’s One You May Have Created About a year ago, a Midwest optometry practice started a television and digital advertising campaign, using a creative idea my company gave them. It worked really […]

Competitors are a great sales opportunity

You Don’t Know What Happened Before You Got There

There’s a lot going on in your prospect’s world. It pays to withhold judgment. That Time I Got Mad at a Virginia Lawyer Three members of the law firm were on time for our presentation, but the managing partner showed up 20 minutes late. Once we got underway, he kept checking his smartphone, reading and […]

Salespeople should learn, not argue

How to SHOW Instead of Tell…and Why It Matters

Most people don’t want to go first.   Photo by Alphaspirit   Dave Trott recently recounted  the launch of world’s first underground railway — and the “mechanical staircase” that would bring people up and down. It was 1911 in London. Today everyone knows what an escalator is. You’ve probably ridden one in the last few […]

Sales advice: put the prospect behind the wheel

Converting Call-Ins: Don’t Miss The Lay-up

Converting a call-in to a sale is harder than it looks. During a Breakthrough Prospecting training session not long ago, a radio group Market Manager shared a frustration with me: “Why aren’t we closing call-ins?” she said. “When they call us, it should be an easy sale, but we don’t get them on the air.” […]

Converting a call-in to a sale