5 Great Articles for Media Salespeople: The Friday Five #4

great reading for radio and tv sales tips

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  1. “They seemed interested at the time. You were certain they were going to buy. But when you leave a message for them, all you hear is ‘crickets.’” Jeffrey Gitomer offers some look-in-the-mirror reasons why customers stop responding to you in  “I Can’t Find the Buyer Anymore!” Here’s Why…
  2. Another possible reason why prospects don’t return your voice mails: you may be leaving bad voice mails. If you’re wondering how you sound when you leave a message, Paul Castain’s got a great way to find out, and get better, in three minutes a day. Enjoy  The 3 Minute A Day Phone Workout.
  3. “For thousands of salespeople, picking up the phone and calling a prospect is the most stressful part of their life… Any excuse—and I mean any excuse—to do something else takes priority.” Once you’ve got your voice mail technique honed, here’s a question to ask yourself: are you calling enough people, often enough? Jeb Blount, author of the compelling new sales book Fanatical Prospecting, points out that Nobody Answers a Phone That Doesn’t Ring.
  4. “Despite how it seems, busy people do not have an impenetrable force field separating them from the ‘normal people.’ But they are more selective about how they spend their time ” If you’ve been wondering How to Connect With Busy People, Ramit Sethi has some actionable strategies to deploy.
  5. In case you’re thinking that you can safely talk and text while driving if you use one of those new hands-free systems, think again. AAA’s recent study shows us that Hands-Free Car Systems Still Distract Drivers. The data is scary. My advice? Shut up and drive.



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