Advertising Rule Of The Day: Get The Details Right

A couple of weeks ago a Portland radio station ran commercials for four straight days for an auto dealer — and got the name of the store wrong. This past weekend, another Portland radio station ran an entire weekend’s worth of commercials for a financial advisor — with incorrect contact information.

The good news, from my perspective, is that neither I nor my stations were involved in either campaign, and I got to be the one who pointed the mistakes out to the clients. But I can still remember the day several years ago that a remodeler called to say he’d appreciate it if we got his phone number right the next time we recorded a commercial for him.

The lesson, for all of us — read it before you record it. Listen to it before you air it. As the carpenters say, measure twice, cut once.

Details matter.



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2 thoughts on “Advertising Rule Of The Day: Get The Details Right

  1. About five years ago, I mis-spelled the client’s name on the cover page of a proposal. Noticed it in the reception room of the customer’s office, WAY too late to do anything about it. So I cheerfully pointed it out as I began my presentation.

    Got the order, too.