And the Winner Is…

For those who missed the announcement, I’ve got a sales book coming out in a few weeks. The folks on my email list had a chance to vote for three possible covers. And the winner is…

Radio TV Advertising Sales Book Beyond Prospecting

I got lots of votes by email, and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. All three finalists had their fans. In a three-way race, Cover #1 (above) got well over 50% of the votes. 

Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve will be a digital-only release for $14.95. I’ll make it available to my mailing list first, and at an insider’s discount price of $9.95, for one week only.

If you’re reading this as a blog post online and aren’t yet on my email list, you can sign up on this page — look down below for the signup form. I’ll let you know when it goes on sale and what the deadline is for the discount.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Stay tuned!


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