Breakthrough Prospecting On Sale for $9.95 Through Monday

What should you get for the advertising salesperson in your life?
Best sales book breakthrough prospecting

My recommendation: get them a digital copy of  Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve. It’s regularly $14.95, and on sale for just $9.95 between now and Midnight on Cyber Monday.

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In Breakthrough Prospecting: Jumpstart Your Media Sales Career and Make the Income You Deserve, you’ll learn:

  • 5 places to find great leads right now…including at least one you’ve forgotten, and two you’ve never used before.
  • A battle-tested call opening that will turn “Not interested” into “Tell me more!”
  • A comprehensive list of questions you MUST ask at the first meeting if you want to bring back a plan that’ll make ’em buy.
  • A proven 3-step method to get the client to give you their advertising budget — and tell you where they’re spending it!

Any media salesperson – radio, television, outdoor, transit, print, or digital advertising – at any level will find real value. The book is chock full of actionable tips that will generate new direct money fast. 

AE’s who’ve been in the business for three years or less will benefit the most. So will the managers who work with them. 

And between now and close of Cyber Monday,  you can download Breakthrough Prospecting  for just $9.95 — 33% off its regular price.

Buy Now for Just $9.95!

That is all.


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