Does the Client Believe It’s Working?

In the advertising sales game, few things are worse than an unexpected cancellation. The agreement was signed with great fanfare a few months ago. The ad looked great, the digital campaign’s performing well, and you’ve settled in for a good, long relationship. Then the email comes out of the blue. “It’s not working. We need […]

sales success isn't magic -- does the client believe?

Should You Promote Prevention Or The Cure?

Why isn’t my service contract campaign working?” The question came from a television station AE in the Southeast. His customer was an HVAC contractor who wanted to sell more maintenance service agreements. The TV ad had been on the air for about three months. There had been little response. Many heating and air dealers and […]

Advertising should sell the cure

Bad Advertising Advice From the Wall Street Journal

How assertive should your advertising be?     According to Alina Dizik of the Wall Street Journal*, not very assertive at all. Dizik’s recent column* points to a study conducted by three researchers at the University of Central Florida.  The researchers showed magazine advertisements to a total of more than 1,000 participants in a series of […]

Your advertising should be as assertive as a drill sergeant