Converting Call-Ins: Don’t Miss The Lay-up

Converting a call-in to a sale is harder than it looks. During a Breakthrough Prospecting training session not long ago, a radio group Market Manager shared a frustration with me: “Why aren’t we closing call-ins?” she said. “When they call us, it should be an easy sale, but we don’t get them on the air.” […]

Converting a call-in to a sale

Find a Problem to Solve: A Sales and Marketing Lesson From Ford

Every business exists to solve someone else’s problem. A mattress store can solve the “my back hurts” problem. An HVAC dealer can solve the “it’s too cold in the house!” problem. A restaurant can solve the “I’m hungry and don’t want to cook” problem. As media salespeople, we can solve problems, too. The key is […]

salespeople can solve problems

To Succeed at Sales, You’ve Got to Interrupt

“Nobody answers a phone that doesn’t ring.” — Jeb Blount Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting, is a proponent of cold calling. Mostly on the phone, but he’s not against other methods. The key, he says, is to interrupt: If you want sustained success in your sales career, if you want to maximize your income, then […]

Salespeople must interrupt on the phone

The Real Secret to Beating Call Reluctance

How do you motivate yourself to make sales calls when you just don’t feel like getting on the phone? When someone signs up for my mailing list, I send them an email asking what they’re struggling with. These two responses echo many: From a radio AE in the Midwest: Call reluctance. Not because I lack the tools […]

Salespeople need to get on the phone