The Real Secret to Beating Call Reluctance

How do you motivate yourself to make sales calls when you just don’t feel like getting on the phone? When someone signs up for my mailing list, I send them an email asking what they’re struggling with. These two responses echo many: From a radio AE in the Midwest: Call reluctance. Not because I lack the tools […]

Salespeople need to get on the phone

Pitchman Power: Killer Sales Lessons From the Ohio State Fair

In an increasingly-online world, your real money still comes from selling in person. Face-to-face, belly-to-belly with your clients. Another industry that still thrives on face-to-face sales is non-electronic gadgets. The peelers, choppers, and miracle showerheads. Thousands are sold every weekend at state fairs and carnivals. The best of the pitchmen and women are highly-skilled professionals. […]

Sales tip from a chef

How to Play the “I’m New” Card — and Why You Should

Media Sales Advice for Rookies

If you’re a brand-new media salesperson, you don’t want to seem like you’re new at this. When somebody asks you a question, you don’t want them to know you’re a rookie. You’ll be tempted to guess at the answer. So here’s some advertising sales advice: resist the temptation. Guessing at the answer can only make a […]

New salespeople can make a mess

Does the Client Believe It’s Working?

In the advertising sales game, few things are worse than an unexpected cancellation. The agreement was signed with great fanfare a few months ago. The ad looked great, the digital campaign’s performing well, and you’ve settled in for a good, long relationship. Then the email comes out of the blue. “It’s not working. We need […]

sales success isn't magic -- does the client believe?