Eight Crucial Steps to Win at The First Sales Meeting

If you’re a buyer, there’s nothing worse than an unprepared salesperson wasting your time. So why do so many sellers still walk in completely unprepared?

It used to be that information was hard to come by, and customers were willing to answer even the most basic questions. In 2014, customers know that you can get many of your questions answered with just the click of a mouse.

I’ve developed an eight-step formula to help you walk into your next sales call prepared. You can complete all eight steps in fifteen minutes or less.  You’ll find the whole formula in the new guide I just published called “Fifteen Minutes to READY: Eight Crucial Steps to Make Sure You Win at the First Sales Meeting.”

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • A simple old-school technique for fixing the meeting on your prospect’s calendar.
  • The one thing that every salesperson should do EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. before a first meeting — and that too many don’t.
  • The final step to take on the day of the appointment to make sure the client shows up.

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