Free Food: A Powerful Approach to Viral Marketing

If you were thinking you never get any tangible benefit from reading my blog, think again.

Here is a link to free food.

KFC is promoting their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken by giving it away, via a downloadable coupon. You’ve got to print the coupon before midnight Central Time tonight, May 6. It’s good through the 19th, although not on Mother’s Day (a shame, as I was planning to fly to St. Louis and take Mom out for some tasty grilled chicken.

Anectodal evidence that this is spreading faster than swine flu: Dan O’Day posted it on his Facebook page. Ten minutes later, I’d posted it on my page (I’m at home sick today — don’t judge), and now it’s going on my blog, which will automatically go out on Twitter

I’d love to find out where it goes from here. If you post it anywhere, leave a comment and let me know where you posted it.


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