Great Twitter Challenge — The Rules

It’s Phil Bernstein’s birthday, and he’s giving you presents!

The Great Portland Vancouver Twitter Challenge begins in a matter of hours as I write this. The Challenge is running a close second to the Obama inauguration in terms of nationwide excitement and anticipation.

So let’s list the rules, shall we?

1. The contest will be conducted entirely on Twitter.

2. We will begin at 9am Pacific Time on Friday, January 23.

3. Nine sponsors are providing prizes, and I will give away one prize per hour all day long. At some point there will be a second “bonus” prize during an hour.

4. At the top of the hour, I will “tweet” a trivia question, along with a link to a sponsor’s website. The answer to the question will be on the sponsor’s site.

5. Click on the link, go to the site, find the answer, and tweet it back to me on Twitter. First correct answer wins the prize.

6. You can send me the answer on Twitter with a Reply or a Direct Message. I’d prefer a Direct Message because it will go only to me, but either way will work.

7. When the answers come to me, they’ll be time & date stamped, so I’ll be able to tell which answer got to me first even if I’m in the bathroom when it arrives. I’m just saying.

8. I’m just one guy, and I’ll be at work. I’m going to attempt to send out the questions at the top of each hour. However, it’s possible that I’ll be pulled into a meeting, or on the phone, or otherwise occupied. If so, a question might go out late. Please accept my apologies in advance.

9. Prizes must be picked up at my radio station in Portland, Oregon. No, I will not ship them to you.

10. Taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the winner.

11. You need to be 18 or over to win.

12. I reserve the right to make adjustments to these rules if there’s something I hadn’t thought of.

13. The Great Twitter Challenge is for entertainment and recreation, not for investment purposes.

14. Again, the only way to play is on Twitter. Get a free account at My feed is at Once you’re signed up, I’m @philbernstein.

15. Employees of Clear Channel and contest sponsors are not eligible to win.

16. How old will I be on Friday? Let’s just say I’ll be in my extremely late thirties.


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