Great Twitter Challenge Prize #8





Green Lubrication Solutions is providing a Motorsilk engine treatment, gas treatment, and transmission treatment — a $77 value. On the GLS website, CEO Randy Hufford says,

In these expensive times, whether you are looking for better gas mileage or protecting your budget from costly vehicle repairs, MotorSilk can do both.  One simple treatment will work in your vehicle for 100,000 miles and can improve fuel mileage up to 15%.

The Great Portland – Vancouver Twitter Challenge is Friday, January 23, which just happens to be my birthday. I am all aflutter — aren’t you?

We’ll get going at 9am, or thereabouts if my phone rings at an inopportune moment. The only way to enter the contest is to sign up for a free Twitter account, and then follow me. You’ll find me at


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