Oregon Golf Equipment Liquidation Sale

UPDATE  The liquidation sale ended on March 15.

This is just an experiment.

My clients are liquidators — this weekend they’re liquidating the stock of the Oregon Golf stores. They’ve taken over a space in Tualatin for the event. I don’t golf, but I’m told that there are major bargains to be had.They’re running radio commercials on KEX and KPOJ this week to promote it.

The “experiment” part is this: I’m writing about this golf sale on a blog that has nothing to do with golf — in fact, I don’t even play the game. I’m wondering how many Portland or Vancouver golfers will stumble onto this post and go to the sale.

Click here for all the information — dates, times, directions, contact info.

If you’re in the Portland area and are interested in this golf sale, click on the link to learn more. Then leave me a comment.

  • Tell me if the web page tells you what you need to know.
  • Tell me if you’re planning to go to the event — and especially, if you do.
  • Tell me if you heard about this golf equipment sale anywhere else, or just here.
  • If you do go, tell me if you found what you were looking for.

Enquiring minds want to know.


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2 thoughts on “Oregon Golf Equipment Liquidation Sale

  1. Didn’t hear about it anywhere else…I’m in Seattle, but I forwarded it to the boyfriend who will be in PDX and he will definitely attend. The only question I have is what kind of deals to be had? Your page doesn’t list percents off or sample pricing.