Phil Bernstein’s Act Goes Nationwide

After nearly fifteen years as Portland’s Finest Media Rep, I’ll be moving to a new opportunity soon:

Beginning in January, I’ll be a Senior Consultant with the firm of Jim Doyle & Associates. In this role, I’ll be traveling throughout the country, helping TV reps to sell more effectively by developing better advertising campaigns for their clients.

There’s an expression I heard often during my recent visit to Vietnam: “Same-same, but different”. I’ll be using many of the skills that I’ve developed over the years — thorough needs analysis, positioning, copywriting, and sales — in a different way.

Instead of meeting with auto dealers, aesthetic-medicine practices, and funeral homes in Portland, I’ll be meeting with auto dealers, aesthetic-medicine practices, and funeral homes all over the country. It’ll be TV instead of radio. And rather than working alone, every call and proposal I make will be in conjunction with a television account executive.

And “Portland’s Finest Advertising Blog” will become “America’s Finest Advertising Blog.” Because my ego hasn’t gotten any smaller lately.

I’ll be with Clear Channel through the end of November, 2009 — so if you’re in Portland and want my help on a radio campaign before I go, there’s still time. Call me at 503-323-6553, or email me here.


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2 thoughts on “Phil Bernstein’s Act Goes Nationwide

  1. Congrats on getting your show picked up nationally! I know you’ll be great – as long as you can figure out how to get your luggage to arrive with you.