The Portland Media Documentary

To start with, a disclosure — an interview with me appears in this documentary.

The American news media world underwent some seismic changes between 2009 and 2011. These changes happened everywhere… big markets and small markets; big companies and small companies; radio, TV, and newspaper. The catalyst for all this… the hero or the villain depending on your point of view, was the Internet.

Bret Bernhoft has set out to document and interpret these changes as they affected the media in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

As part of the project, he interviewed more than 20 players in the Portland media world: journalists, editors, announcers, production directors, salespeople, consultants, advertising agents, and more. Each of these people had a front row seat for a modern-day revolution.

Bernhoft has just released The Portland Media Documentary, an in-depth audio look at how the Internet has changed the news media in Portland. Over the next few months, Bernhoft will be releasing this documentary in segments. As I write this, three segments are available for listening and downloading:

  • The Independent Media in Portland
  • Multimedia in the Newsroom
  • Social Media and the News Industry

You can listen to and download each segment at no charge by clicking here. You should also bookmark the link, because each week two new segments will be released. To find out more about the Portland media documentary and other projects, feel free to contact Bret.

Click here to listen to the Portland media documentary now.


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