What Have You Used, and How Did It Work?

Adults learn by doing, not by hearing how the trainer did it.  — Chris Lytle

sales tip: learn by doing

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A Quick Question for Salespeople and Sales Managers:
What Have You Used?


Over the past year or so since I brought this blog back from hiatus, I’ve published a lot of advice.

I’ve given you tips on

I often get emails  from TV and radio advertising salespeople who tell me that they plan to use something they read on the blog — but it’s rare that anyone tells me how things turned out.

If you’ve used some of the advice you’ve read here, what happened?

  • What technique did you use?
  • Did you modify it to fit the circumstances, and if so, how?
  • Did it work?
  • What else are you still struggling with?

Please let me know — you can email me here.


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