29 (Mostly) Dirt-Cheap Apps, Gadgets and Downloads I Use: A Salesperson’s Toolbox

I’ve been selling long enough to remember the days when only senior executives had “car phones.” Back then, if somebody wanted to reach me they left a message at my office with the receptionist, and I returned the call after I got back.

A Salesperson's Toolbox by Phil Bernstein

Now, I’m connected 24/7. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Kindle. It’s rare that I’m not operating at least one of these devices, and sometimes more than one. It’s a challenge to manage a constant flow of information coming at us from all angles in a wide variety of formats.

I’ve written an e-book called A Salesperson’s Toolbox, featuring 29 apps, gadgets and downloads I use to stay on top of it all. Some only work on one platform; some work on all of them. Among the items are:

  • An online calendar service that lets me share my appointment availability with multiple clients, keep all of them automatically updated as my schedule changes, and avoid double-booking.
  • Two great sources of fully-licensed stock photos — one free, and one dirt-cheap.
  • A phone app that tracks my expenses and prepares reports — and makes sure I never lose a receipt.
  • … and a $15 piece of software I use when I need to disconnect and get my work done.

At the time of this writing, I am using every single one of these regularly — and am always on the lookout for something better.

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