A Free Tool To Make it Easier For People to Tweet Your Content

This is particularly good for bloggers, but can work for other online platforms as well. And you can’t beat the price — it’s free!

radio sales tip: get people to tweet your wisdom

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Tech Tool Tuesday for Salespeople

ClickToTweet is a website that makes it easy for readers to tweet sentences from your blog or web post. It does so by generating a link that you can add to the post. You need to choose the sentence — keep it to 120 characters or less to enable retweeting.

I learned about ClickToTweet from a recent Heinz Marketing blog post, and have had occasion to use the feature on my blog and also a couple of LinkedIn posts. I don’t know how Matt Heinz uses it, but I’ve found that the “Basic Link” feature is the easiest way to go.

Here’s a video of me producing a “Tweet This” link.


The tweet: From the @philbernstein Sales Blog, a free tool to make your content tweetable.   Tweet This!

If you want to see if it worked, click the “Tweet This!” above. You’ll need to be logged into Twitter to see it in action. Go ahead, Tweet It!  I’ll wait here.

Of course, in order for it to work, the message needs to be something that your readers want to tweet. 

Try it for yourself and let me know how it worked for you. Then keep the conversation going — share this post on LinkedIn!



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