How to Raise a Buck on Halloween and Ebola

Here is a terrific example of advertising that enters the conversation America is already having in its head.

What are we thinking about on October 30, 2014? Ebola and Halloween, that’s what. Many fine American entrepreneurs are offering “Ebola costumes” this year.

An organization called Doctors of the World* has set up a fundraising landing page at, and is using the current American zeitgiest to raise some money and do some good.

They have cleverly tied donation levels to particular pieces of equipment — you can “donate gloves” for a buck, goggles for $10, etc. At the high end, you can “donate a doctor” for $2500.”

The ad below appeared in USA Today on October 30. It is awesome.


Ad appearing in USA Today October 30, 2014

Ad appearing in USA Today October 30, 2014


*I am not familiar with this organization, which claims to be “fighting Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone, engaging with local communities to prevent Ebola’s spread, raise awareness and deliver essential protective equipment”  and am not endorsing it in any way. Except for their advertising approach, which I endorse as heartily as it is possible to do so.


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