Should You Promote Prevention Or The Cure?

Why isn’t my service contract campaign working?” The question came from a television station AE in the Southeast. His customer was an HVAC contractor who wanted to sell more maintenance service agreements. The TV ad had been on the air for about three months. There had been little response. Many heating and air dealers and […]

Advertising should sell the cure

What a Mattress Guy Taught Me About Advertising In the Dead Times

This conversation happened nearly 20 years ago, but it fits 2016 just fine. It’s a radio story but it applies perfectly to television advertising… or newspaper advertising… or transit advertising… or digital advertising.   There is a large mattress chain on the West Coast called Sleep Train, founded in Sacramento by Dale Carlsen. They were a […]

Mattress advertising sells mattresses all year long

How Media Sellers Can Profit From Supreme Court Rulings

Last month, the United States Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal throughout the United States. If you sell advertising, there’s money in this. Before the ruling, Business of Fashion reported that the economic impact of gay marriage was huge: Out Now Consulting, a marketing agency specialising in targeting gay and lesbian consumers, estimates that if same-sex […]

Gay marriage is a media sales opportunity