Are You Ignoring Your Best Prospects?

From Dan Kennedy’s “No BS Marketing Newsletter”

Most salespeople haven’t worked in ages. I was comparing notes about this with a friend last week, and neither of us could remember the last time we were “prospected” by a salesperson, followed up on by a salesperson we’ve previously bought something from. There’s crying in the car business, but no salesman or dealer from whom I’ve purchased new cars in the past five years has contacted me. There’s a mass exodus in real estate agents in surrender, but none I’ve purchased a property from has contacted me to sell me another. Retail: from the clothing store in my hometown where I spent $1,800.00 in my first visit two years ago… from the clothing store in my other home city where I spent $500.00 on my first visit… from a store in Vegas where I spent $2,000.00 on cowboy boots… no salesman has attempted contact.”

Do you see yourself in that passage?

I saw me.

This afternoon I left a message for a client who’s been advertising on one of my stations, asking for an update on how his sales have been going. He left me a voice mail in return, telling me that the campaign I put together for him has brought him 18 brand-new clients in the past six weeks — monetarily, about a 5:1 return on his investment.

I was very pleased to hear this, but until I read the passage above I did not connect the dots: I have three other radio stations that are demographically appropriate for him. He is currently spending 100% of his advertising budget with me, but there’s a strong case to be made that increasing his budget would be very profitable for him. And, not incidentally, for me.

Tomorrow’s project is to make a list of all my clients, past and present, determine how many other opportunities like this there are, and pick up the phone.

How about you? Have you missed some great upselling opportunities — the kind that would benefit you and your customers? What are you going to do about it?

Tell your story in the comments field below.


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