Best Blow-Off I’ve Heard In a While

When one of your duties is to call complete strangers on the phone, you tend to hear a lot of excuses as to why now isn’t a good time to meet. After a while, the excuses all tend to sound the same.

I heard a new one this morning:

“I’m just killing snakes as fast as I can kill ’em, and the water’s rising.”

I think this meant he’s too busy to get together.



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3 thoughts on “Best Blow-Off I’ve Heard In a While

  1. Phil – sounds as though he might be from one of the states south of the Mason-Dixon line. Whenever they have flooding in the warmer climes, snakes can be a genuine problem. It’s a rather colorful departure from up to my *** in alligators. :>)

  2. Kevin, the business sells construction equipment.

    Rod, I have no idea where he’s from — we didn’t chat very long. But I’m guessing he’s not from the Pearl District.

    I do not believe there were any actual snakes or rising water present during the conversation.