Finding an Unmet Need

My friend Susan recently alerted me to an article about I-Booze — a Seattle-area online service that delivers alcohol, cigarettes, and other items.

Founder Karim Varela came up with the idea while sitting in a San Francisco jail on a DUI charge.

‘I was sitting in jail for eight hours with nothing to do besides think, and that’s when it came to me,’ said Varela, adding that he thought an alcohol delivery service might help keep drunks off the road.

Varela charges premium prices and a delivery fee, and sticks with items for which price is not necessarily the most important factor:

‘I-Booze only sells products that people want immediately, which people are addicted to, which people are craving, and which people will pay that extra delivery surcharge to get right away,’ explains Varela.

Setting aside any moral judgements about the products I-Booze sells, this is a terrific example  of an entrepreneur spotting, and filling, an unmet need in the marketplace.


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