How Easy Is It To Do Business With You?

Turner Realtors’ Portland Real Estate Blog has a post titled “Is Your House Really For Sale?” . The post offers a list of abbreviations used by real estate agents concerning how the house is to be shown. They offer some unvarnished views as to how those instructions are interpreted by buyers’ agents:

KEY-LO: I have to go to the listing office to pick up the key, show the property, and return the key. Not a good use of mine or client’s time. AG-ACCM: Listing agent accompany. It makes sense in some situations (multimillion dollar homes) but if the house is vacant or owner occupied, you’ve got to get over it. My client wants to talk about your house, in your house without your agent. That and your agent better be able to work to our schedule.

Whatever you’re selling, you may unknowingly be placing barriers between your customers’ money and you. Automated phone systems; hard-to-navigate web sites; cumbersome paperwork; any of these things could cause your prospects to give up and buy elsewhere.



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