How Sales and Production Interact — a Classic Radio and TV Primer

In any organization of significant size, there’s a sales department and an operations department. There are three principles that apply:

* They need each other.
* They don’t understand each other.
* Sometimes, they flat-out hate each other.

radio sales tip: respect production

photo by iofoto, dpc


So it is with radio and television stations. When an advertising salesperson sells a commercial schedule, the vision of the client travels from the client through the seller to the Production Director. And although the technology has changed since this was recorded in 1995, the interaction still goes a lot like this:

Hat tip to my former-KEX-colleague-and-now-voice-man Bill Cooper for alerting me to this a while back. And a salute to Clear Channel/IHeart Production Directors past and present: Matt Jones, Bill Stevens, and Todd Tolces.

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