Can You Describe Yourself In Three Words or Less?

How do you want your customers to describe you? Can you give them an easy, short phrase to remember?

Re-reading Scott Ginsberg’s How To Be That Guy recently, I happened upon this gem:

PICTURE THIS: you’re sitting in the CNN Green Room, ready to be interviewed about your cool new idea, company, or product. After giving the producer the correct spelling of your full name, she asks you, “Oh, and one last thing before you go on the air in five minutes: what two or three words do you want written underneath your name?”

radio advertising sales tip: two or three words

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Ginsberg is known as “The Nametag Guy” (his web domain is  How To Be That Guy, which came out in 2006, is a quick read with a lot of actionable tips on how to make yourself more memorable.

The “two-or-three-word” exercise is a valuable reality check. You might have a multi-page web site or brochure. You might have a complex and sophisticated integrated media campaign going. But when one of your customers mentions you to a friend, relative, or co-worker, the description may only be a few words.

Your assignment this week is to boil your selling proposition down to its essence —  describe the value you provide in three words or less.

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