Using Keywords to Compete Online

Among the information available to me as WordPress blogger is a list of search terms that readers use to get to my blog. Every so often I learn something interesting — for example, by accidentally mis-spelling Sarah Palin’s name (as “Sarah Pailin”), I picked up a bunch of traffic from political junkies who made the same mistake in their searches.

This evening, the term “KXL Radio Advertising” turned up on the list. I couldn’t figure out why — 750 KXL Radio is a competitor of 1190 KEX, which is one of my stations in Portland. So I plugged it into Google, and discovered that because I once complimented KXL in a post, Portland’s Finest Advertising and Marketing Blog now shows up in the #2 position.

Inadvertent, but potentially beneficial. A couple of thoughts come to mind:

  • If you have a blog of your own, mention one of your competitors in a post. You might attract a few of their customers.
  • As long as I’m engaged in this exercise, I’d like to say hello to potential advertisers of the following fine Portland radio stations: K103, Z100, KPOJ, KOOL 105.9, KUPL, KINK, K-Hits, Jammin’ 107.5, KWJJ The Wolf, KGON, Charlie, KNRK 94.7, KFXX The Fan, 95.5 The Game, 105.1 The Buzz, KPAM, and The Fish.
  • If you were the person who was interested in advertising on KXL Radio in Portland, I hope you’re enjoying my blog. And by all means, feel free to call me at 503-323-6553.


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