A Hidden Opportunity for Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you’re an attorney specializing in personal bankruptcy, you’ll be interested in this recent article from the New York Times. You probably already know that the economic downturn has greatly increased the number of people filing for bankruptcy — those people are calling you now.

But here’s something that may be a little less apparent:

[Professor Elizabeth Warren of Harvard Law] said many borrowers had been left with the mistaken impression that they could no longer file. And, she argued, “the widespread perception that bankruptcy is not available to help families makes this economic crisis worse.”

In other words, there’s a large second group of potential clients for whom bankruptcy may be a good option. But they’re not calling you, or any other attorney —  they mistakenly think that because of the law changes of 2005, they won’t qualify. If you are the attorney who tells them that they may qualify, there’s an extremely good chance that you’re the lawyer they’ll use.

One way to accomplish this: a radio campaign telling these prospects to find out about their options by calling your office.

If you’re a Portland or Vancouver-area bankruptcy lawyer, I may be able to help you with this. Email me here, or call me at 503-323-6553.


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2 thoughts on “A Hidden Opportunity for Bankruptcy Lawyers

  1. Kevin,

    It’s not possible to convince every potential client 100% of the way, but you don’t have to.

    All you need to do is persuade some of them that bankruptcy is an option worth investigating. A skilled copywriter can construct a message that will reach out to people in economic hot water, who either never thought about bankruptcy, or had thought about it and assumed they wouldn’t qualify – and get them to think about it again.

    If only a small percentage of those potential clients picked up the phone and called, the campaign could be very profitable for the attorney who launched it.