A New Press Release Tool Treats The Symptom…

… but perhaps not the underlying problem.

My friend Rita Radostitz recently sent me an article from David Henderson’s blog. Henderson, a PR consultant and former CBS News correspondent, writes about David Meerman Scott’s new Gobbledygook Grader. The Gobbledygook Grader is an online tool designed to ferret out “gobbledygook, jargon, cliches and over-used, hype-filled words.”

Copy your press release, paste it into the Grader, and Scott will email you a report and a grade.

Helpful, says Henderson, but it may miss the point:

…press releases are generally not focused on providing legitimate news but rather are infused with meaningless promotional hype that few people care about. Press releases are today less about giving the media something to report and more about promoting something. Today’s press releases have become sales flyers.

If your company has news of genuine interest, and you want it covered, Henderson has some good suggestions in the last paragraph of his post. Read the full post here.


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