An Interesting Way to Beat Call Reluctance

Those of us who use cold calling as part of our marketing arsenal sometimes run into call reluctance — we just can’t bring ourselves to pick up the phone and call a complete stranger. Afterwards, when we’ve gotten the meeting, fear of rejection stops us from asking for the order.

Chris Sparhawk, an amateur advice-giver in Portland (he has a home-made booth on the street, a la Lucy Van Pelt, and gives free advice to anyone who stops by) offered up an interesting way to beat the fear. According to Casey Parks of the Oregonian, Sparhawk was talking with a man who had trouble asking for dates.

Sparhawk had the same problem once. His future wife worked as a florist, and for months he bought flowers just to see her. Finally, she asked him out.

Now, he puts his own experience to use: “Start asking people out, and see how many no’s you can get,” he says.

The guy smiles. “I can totally get no’s.”

Best sales tip I’ve read this month.



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