Are You Making These 7 Deadly Advertising Mistakes?

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Here’s the long version:

There are seven common mistakes that companies make when they advertise. If you’re making any of them – and many businesses make more than one – the odds of success plummet, and your marketing dollars are wasted.

Correct these mistakes and your advertising could become 30 to 60 percent more effective – in many cases, without spending any more money.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money, and tens of thousands of hours, studying the work of the smartest and most successful copywriters, marketing gurus, and salespeople. Claude Hopkins, Dan O’Day, John Carlton, Perry Marshall, Dan Kennedy, Jim Doyle… I’ve bought their books, listened to their CD’s, and attended their seminars.

For the past eighteen years, I’ve put their theories and methods to work on behalf of hundreds of local businesses. From car dealers and real estate agents to window retailers to a school for troubled adolescents, I’ve designed campaigns to bring them new customers.

Has every campaign been a huge success? No. Some had just okay results, and a few were outright bombs.

But I discovered that the bombs had elements in common, and so did the home runs. And that it was possible to take a floundering campaign and make it successful by fixing some very simple and common mistakes.

Among them:

  • Too much information
  • No call-to-action
  • Flunking the “So What” test

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