Effective Use of Images

I didn’t see this until a Wall Street Journal columnist complained about it (and by the way, YouTube remains the most miraculous invention of my lifetime). Kellogg did a wonderful job in selling the benefits of eating All-Bran cereal.

Humor is in the eye of the beholder — you may or may not find the ad amusing, but the pitch works either way. Here’s what they did right:

1. They chose one target consumer — the boomer having problems with “regularity” — and offered to solve that one problem for the consumer.

2. Besides a single mention of great taste, they didn’t talk about any other features or benefits.

3. They made the offer time-specific: a “10-day challenge”.

4. Very effective use of visual metaphor. Rather than a happy guy getting up from the toilet, they used a beam sliding out a hole, barrels dropping off a flatbed (note the placement) and a dump truck (bwaaaa ha ha!) dropping a load of, um, dirt. The consumer watching at home got to figure out what it all meant.

5. They didn’t make it hard to figure out what it all meant.

Nicely done. Enjoy!



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One thought on “Effective Use of Images

  1. Just checked out your blog yesterday after finding a link in PDXKniterati. I must say that after reading and watching blog on using effective images I began think about other tv ads about “personal subjects” I’d rather not hear about. Thanks to you I have had “Viva Viagra!” running through my head ALL DAY LONG! Thanks, really. =:/