Fish Pedicures in Portland?

Tara Bloom’s blog tipped me off to this truly remarkable procedure.

If you offer fish pedicures in Portland, please call me immediately. I’ve already written your radio script in my head.

Call me — we’ll both get rich.


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5 thoughts on “Fish Pedicures in Portland?

  1. I’d be really interested to see how someone could get rich by doing something related to fish pedicures. We live in an interesting world, no?

  2. There is an interesting You Tube video on this topic. A lady in Singapore goes to a fish place called, wait for it….”Nibbles”!.

    Apparently these are fish from Turkey. They eat dead and decaying flesh and have been used for hundreds of years to heal people with skin problems.

    What goes through my head is how do they change the water between clients???