For Portland/Vancouver Home Improvement Companies Only

This is a confidential message intended for Portland-area companies home remodeling or home improvement businesses. If you are not interested in talking to local homeowners in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington, you are forbidden to read this post. Please log off immediately.

Are they gone? Good. Now that it’s just us, I wanted to tell you about a lead-generation program that my company will be doing in September.

Can you help Portland-area homeowners save energy and reduce their impact on the environment? Then they want to talk to you. Clear Channel’s Green Home contest can put you in touch.  

Beginning in September, we’ll be promoting the Green Home Contest on all five of our radio stations and web sites. Listeners will log on and enter to win prizes that help them live greener lives. They’ll be interested in:

  • Insulation
  • Green Kitchen Materials
  • Environmentally Friendly Lighting
  • Energy-Saving Heating and Air Conditioning
  • “Green” Furniture
  • Sustainable Flooring 
  • … and much more.

Once they enter the contest, we’ll have their opt-in contact information — thousands of names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of people who have told us they’re interested in what you’re selling. And if you’re a category-exclusive sponsor of the Green Home contest, we’ll give that information to you.

Interested in these leads? Email me here to find out more, or call me at 503-323-6553.


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