Adjust Your Marketing to a Changing Market — A Great Example

If there’s one thing becoming increasingly clear in 2008, it’s that marketing techniques that have worked for years — and in some cases decades — may not get the job done anymore. Like it or not, the market’s different now. Nobody knows if the differences are temporary or permanent. But for the short term, at least, you may have to add some more creative steps to your dance routine.

A terrific Portland example appeared in the Oregonian over the weekend. Craig Reger, a principal broker at The Hasson Company, will be offering foreclosure bus tours beginning next month.

Reger, one of the region’s top producing brokers, normally works in the high-end market at $500,000 or higher. But the higher-end homes aren’t moving as fast as foreclosed homes.

“The market’s changed, and my business model’s changing,” Reger said.

Reger recognizes that the world is different now. He’s not sitting still, hoping it’ll change back — he’s making the necessary adjustments now.

The bus tours haven’t started yet, but it’s already gotten Reger quite a bit of attention. I called his office to see if I could help him spread the word, and his assistant told me he doesn’t need to advertise the tours right now — he’s getting all the free publicity he needs. [Craig, if you’re reading this, feel free to give me a call as soon as the media attention dies down…]


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