Online Search: Good; Online Search For YOU: Better

The Catalyst, a blog on television advertising published by Eckstein Summers Armbruster & Company, tackles the subject of “offline media’s growing impact on online search”

… an advertiser’s web site may tell them they’re getting leads from search engines, when in fact many of these leads originated with a smart (cost-efficient) television campaign. TV is tops among offline media in generating this sort of effect. Oh, and local broadcast television also drives down the cost of physically bringing new customers into a business. We have decades of evidence (not “research”) of that fact.

The second, and more obscure point is this: While it’s always great to have high organic search position for your search terms, you don’t necessarily want Google to be the advertiser’s first source in terms of online lead generation. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true.

David Eckstein goes on to tell the story of an electrician doing a broadcast campaign in Texas. The campaign is bringing new customers to his website and, as a result, to his firm; but while his Google ranking has improved, Google is no longer his top source of online leads.

The moral of the story is simple, and needs to be repeated. Yes, we want to be tops with Google, but we don’t necessarily want Google to be tops with us. A good offline and online media campaign will demonstrate this immediately, as consumers will open their web browsers and type in our domain names directly, without having to find us — and our competition — on Google.

They might also call and visit us too.

Eckstein Summers Armbruster works primarily in television, while my day job is in radio advertising. The principle is the same in either medium — if you can drive viewers, or listeners, directly to your web site, you’ve got a much better chance to convert them into customers.

I can help you do that.


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