“P” is for “Pantene”. And for “Pointless”.

An absolute trainwreck of a live commercial on “The Biggest Loser”.

I honestly don’t have any idea what they were hoping to accomplish with this. If the object was to sell product, or create interest in said product, they have failed miserably.

Thank you (I guess) to Kailee Kinney of 1190 KEX Radio for bringing this to my attention.


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3 thoughts on ““P” is for “Pantene”. And for “Pointless”.

  1. I agree with you Phil. I sat there, stunned, waiting for the point/punchline. Is there a Razzy Award for worst TV spot? I don’t recall ever seeing something so…so…AAARRRGGGHH! There are no words (or too many too choose from?). Wonder what that cost ’em? Perhaps there is someone out there who can explain the point of that ad to me.

  2. The beauty and the curse of a live ad is that there are no re-takes. I’m guessing that there was something they were planning to do, and they ran out of time before they got to it.

    It’s kind of like an NBA game when a team turns over the ball because they don’t get a shot off before the 24-second clock expires. Everybody knows how much time they get, and what they’re supposed to do — but in the heat of the moment, with everyone watching, they panic and forget.

    Just a theory, but it’s the only plausible explanation I can come up with.

  3. Towards the end of the spot, I had to question whether or not it really was a live spot. It seemed so fake at the end. The “host” of the spot has loads of TV experience–co-host of a long-running show, many appearances on the Today Show, and several TV spots. Regardless, the premise of the spot was pointless.