Recruiters Use Radio Advertising To Reach Passive Candidates

I’m working with a Portland insurance company on a radio-and-internet campaign that hit the airwaves this week. The recruiter needs salespeople, and this is what he told me:

  • Each year, he hires roughly 100 sales agents
  • 50 of those agents will be gone before the end of their first year 
  • Of the 50 who remain, 25 will leave the company before the end of Year 2. 
  • In other words, 75% of the people he hires don’t last two years

He doesn’t have any trouble filling his openings. But he has trouble filling them with people who are good enough to make it work. That’s where radio can help. 

Most of the traditional recruiting avenues – classified ads, job boards, etc – target people who are already actively searching for a job. They may already be unemployed, or failing at their current position.

There’s another, more desirable category of candidate – the person who has a job, isn’t thrilled with it, but would be open to another opportunity. Radio can reach that person in the car on the way to work, at their workstation, and in the car on the way home after a bad day.

The radio-and-internet campaign will give this recruiter access to people who may not have considered financial services as a career – and people who may have considered it, but may not be thinking about his company.

Does this mean that, as a human resources person or recruiter, you should stop all your traditional activity and do nothing but radio? No. You’ll still get some good people through those old methods. But if you’re not getting enough high-quality candidates with your current methods, it may be time to give radio a try.


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3 thoughts on “Recruiters Use Radio Advertising To Reach Passive Candidates

  1. Phil, great post. I am also working on a presentation to a company that spends over a half million dollars in the daily paper in recruitment ads. We hear the same comments that the paper brings the same old same old people applying for jobs. A great place for radio to chip away at one of newspapers biggest revenue sources.

  2. Tony,

    Let me know how the presentation goes. My company established a recruiting task force a few months ago. When the copy’s done well, radio performs as well as the paper in terms of raw numbers delivered — and the quality of the applicant is significantly better.