Survey Results – and How You Can Help a Rookie Out

The results of my 2015 Reader Survey point to an opportunity for the veterans among my readership to help the young ones.

Sales Tip: veterans can teach the rookies

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First, a few numbers:

  • Not surprisingly, most of my readers work in media. The biggest pieces: 40.7% in TV, 29.6% in radio.
  • About half – 48.1% – are salespeople/account executives. Another 25.9% are Sales Managers or Directors of Sales.
  • Three out of every four of my readers – 74. 1% — are over 45. Almost none of you – 3.7% – are under 35.
  • It’s an experienced group. The vast majority – more than 70% – have been doing this for more than 10 years.
  • 18.5% have less than five years’ experience. 11% have been doing this for less than three years. 7.4% are in their first year.

An Opportunity for Sales Veterans to Help The Next Generation


Sales is a tough business, with a tremendous amount of turnover. Most of the big media companies provide some training, and most managers do their best to provide guidance. But there is often not enough company provided training, and not enough hours in the day for a busy manager to provide enough guidance.

The Account Executives who make it are the ones who take the opportunity to learn on their own. They just need to know where to look.

That’s where you – the 70% of my readers who have been at this for 10 years or more – can help the young ones. Even if you don’t have the time to spend one-on-one, you can certainly point them toward some resources that can help:

Resources You Can Pass Along


1. Here is a list of five essential books that every media salesperson should read. They are affordable even on a tight budget – a rookie can buy the entire set for around $100, and probably find some of them in the local public library.

2. Here is a list of five essential blogs. They are free.

3. I offer an e-book on pre-call preparation. It is also free, to anyone who subscribes to my blog. Download it here.

Take a moment to send one (or all) of the links above to an inexperienced AE who would appreciate the help.

If you already get this by email, I will make it easy for you. Just hit “Forward” and send this email to a rookie. Tell them to click on links toward the bottom.

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You can help a struggling salesperson out. Or you can turn the page. Won’t you help a rookie out today?


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