Taking Responsibility: SuperBookDeals Screws Up, Amazon.com Steps Up

If your business is a brokerage, where it’s up to another company to actually perform once you put the deal together — or if you’ve ever just referred a friend somewhere and regretted it afterwards —  you’ll sympathize with Amazon.com. Their “Marketplace” is essentially one big brokerage/referral program — “We don’t have the item you’re looking for, but these guys do.”

Unfortunately, sometimes “these guys” mess up. And even though you didn’t cause the problem, your good name is on the line. This post gives the whole sordid tale of my dealings, via Amazon.com, with an outfit called SuperBookDeals — an online store that got it wrong and really didn’t care.

By necessity, Amazon, who must deal with millions of customers, automates as much as it can. They have standard procedures for dealing with Marketplace order disputes, and the procedure normally takes several weeks.

But, I was delighted to learn, they also have an Investigations Team, staffed by real human beings. You’ve got to complain loudly to get to them, but once you do, they’re empowered go take care of business.

This evening Amazon issued me a full refund, and also gave me a credit to cover the postage costs I incurred.

Today’s customer service lesson — even if it wasn’t your fault, take responsibility for making it right. Your reputation depends on it.


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11 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility: SuperBookDeals Screws Up, Amazon.com Steps Up

  1. I had a similar problem with them…

    I tried posting an order and they told me they were unable to processed because “Payment was declined by your credit card company”.. which i thought it was weird, since my credit card is in good standing.

    I went ahead and ordered it from somewhere else (and got the book). 20 days later, for my surprise, i get the book AGAIN, this time from Superbookdeals.com

    Like I said, I was surprised and went to check my credit card statement just to find out that they DID charged it! They told me to return it with the same demands they told you… so that is what I will do.. but that is just bad business.

  2. Ah, I had the same problem. I filed a claim, and the original order was refunded but my shipping costs, you know the ones that would be “reimbursed” were not. Should have just taken the 15% discount and kept the damaged book.

  3. I’m going through a similar situation with superbookdeals right now! I’ve just gotten off the phone with them after they failed to send me a book over the course of six weeks! Then, when I complained (actually sent several complaints) they told me they didn’t send it. THEN I asked for a refund, and poof, the book was magically shipped, so they couldn’t give one. THEN I filed a claim with Amazon, and they said they can’t deal with me directly until I take the claim off. So I have…we’ll see how this goes…SBD is absolutely awful.

  4. I am just starting the process for some maps I ordered. I will be back from Europe before they ever arrive. Why does Amazon continue to deal with mopes like this. I am short circuiting the Mr. Nice guy with these people and go immediately to bad a**.
    I usually research all people I buy from.. my fault.

  5. Same here, guys. I ordered a book from superbooksdeals, and never got it. My E-mails they answered with canned answers, untill at the end they wanted me to fax my creditcard. A bunch of clowns if you ask me, and I wonder how legal it is to ask a copy of your creditcard (Both sides!)