Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before Advertising On Yelp

A couple of Indian restaurants in my hometown of Portland are paying to advertise on Yelp. Here’s what appeared on one smartphone over the weekend:

Photo by Tyler Bernstein


The little “Ad” icon next to each review makes it clear — these restaurants paid for this to appear.

If you can’t control the copy, there is danger.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before Advertising On Yelp

  1. They basically extort advertising dollars from business owners by advising they’ll keep competitors off of their profile pages if they purchase a schedule. I called it extortion – to a Yelp rep’s face. The client went with them, anyway. It still sticks in my craw.

    • I don’t know about these particular restaurants, but have talked to a number of business owners who have told me exactly that — they advertised as a defensive measure rather than because they wanted to. Turns out these two got burned anyway…