“You Simply Cannot Kill Advertising”

In the video below, Bob Hoffman, the Ad Contrarian, tackles the claims of many that traditional advertising is dead.


I’m sorry, you simply cannot kill advertising. On the final day, when the big flaming asteroid bears down on our poor little planet and all is destroyed, there’ll be only two things left: cockroaches, and copywriters.

It’s fair to say that Mr. Hoffman is not much of a fan of social media as a marketing tool. If you have any interest in where advertising is going and what still works, you’ll find him unafraid to dispute pretty much everything you’ve read elsewhere. This speech, from Advertising Week Europe a few months back, is fascinating stuff, and well worth the 44 minutes it’ll take to watch.


What do you think? Is social media worth the time, effort, and expense? Or is it, to use Mr. Hoffman’s vernacular, bullshit? Leave a comment below.


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